Kinnear & Gray: SPSS 16 Made Simple


SPSS 16 Made Simple is the latest edition of one of the most widely read textbooks in its field.

As usual, every effort has been made to maintain the friendly, practical and informal style of earlier editions, while at the same time keeping the reader abreast of the latest improvements in SPSS.

Each statistical technique is presented in a realistic research context and is fully illustrated with screen shots of SPSS dialog boxes and output. The book also provides guidance on the choice of statistical techniques and advice on how to report the results of statistical analysis.

The first chapter sets the scene with a survey of typical research situations, key terms and advice on the choice of statistical techniques. It also provides clear signposts to where each technique can be found in the body of the book. The next chapters introduce the reader to the use of SPSS 16, showing how to enter and describe a data set both statistically and graphically, using the powerful capabilities of the Chart Builder. Each of the remaining chapters concentrates on one particular kind of research situation and the statistical techniques that are appropriate.

Where necessary, the coverage has been extended to include topics in which our readers have expressed particular interest: for example, in this edition there is now detailed consideration of the analysis of multiple responses; there is also more advice about the use of SPSS control language, or syntax. While being updated and expanded to cover new features, the book will continue to be useful to readers with earlier versions of SPSS.